Virat Kohli will be the next Ganguly, if India wins the world cup in 2019

The Indian Cricket team is very popular for their simple gesture which becomes remarkable in the history. There are many things which make the Indian cricket team different from other teams of different countries. Indians are always special no matter what department you pick. So, as now the season of cricket starts, everyone is excited about the IPL and then world cup 2019, which will be in couple of months. In the recent interview with two amazing members of Indian Cricket team- Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli, we have discovered many things. Both came united for a book launch which was held in the city hotel, Kolkata. Many things were discussed in this book launch and many memories came in front with a positive glimpse. Specially, Virat Kohli has vowed some things to do when India wins the World Cup trophy.

As we talk about Sourav Ganguly, the first thought would come to mind is – the man standing the shirtless and waving his jersey over his head, as the team has won against the England team in series final in the year 2002. That was one big day for team India and a memorable one also. The former Indian cricket team skipper, Sourav Ganguly standing shirtless on the balcony of Lord’s. That gesture was so memorable that still has glimpse and image in front their eyes. The legacy of Sourav Ganguly’s shirtless waves will now followed by the Current Team India skipper Virat Kohli.

The Current Team India skipper Virat Kohli, still remember those memories by Ganguly in 2002. In the recent interview Virat Kohli said that – “When I saw that moment happen, I thought it is very difficult for people to understand those situations. Those things are so organic, so pure that you just go with or without worrying about the people’s comments and thoughts. You don’t even happen to think about people’s judgement, like what people are going to say about you”, said Virat Kohli.

Many things were said and written about Sourav Ganguly’s iconic gesture at the Mecca of cricket. His sudden gestures like going shirtless have made some best memories in the history of Indian Cricket Team. But now the legacy will be continued by the current Indian team skipper Virat Kohli. Yes, you are guessing right! In the interview Sourav Ganguly said that –“ If Kohli wins the world cup in 2019, he will roam shirtless around the Oxford Street”. This statement was given by Ganguly a many times in various interviews. While if this happens, then everyone will wait for the shirtless moments of Virat for sure. This will again build history in the Indian cricket team. Well, let us wait and watch for the best.

Well, this time as there was a book launch event not much more was about the cricket, but there was a lot more about the other memories. The Best members of Indian cricket team came together for a book launch at the unveiling of journalist Boria Majumdar’s book “Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians.” This event was full of fun interaction the two cricket stars of Indian Team said sources.

In the interaction to the press in this book launch event, Ganguly again repeated that “We better get our cameras ready, Kohli has six packs”. To this statement, Kohli replied actively that-“he would definitely do that and would certainly be joined by Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah, the other six packs in the team”. Well, this time the World Cup 2019 will be much more bigger and better with all the positive expectations.

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